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Outlander PHEV from
only $52,990 + ORC*

From July 1st, Outlander PHEV will qualify for a $5,750 Clean Car Discount.

Next-generation technology, remarkable efficiency, still every inch an SUV.

  • Smartphone app

  • Up to 55km
    EV Range*

  • 1.9L/100km
    Combined Fuel

  • 25 minute
    Fast Charge

Outlander Phev
Outlander Phev

Every day extraordinary

Outlander PHEV does everything a family vehicle should and many things no other SUV can.

Outlander Phev
Outlander Phev

Experience electric

Outlander PHEV is driven by electric motors for immediate, smooth power and unprecedented efficiency.

Outlander Phev

Colour Options


Red Diamond

Red Diamond


The latest in safety

Everyone’s protected by 7 airbags, 4-wheel ABS brakes, Active Traction and Stability Control and systems that react to other vehicles. In quiet EV mode, pedestrians are warned acoustically.


Engineered to perform

Twin electric motors are supported by an efficient 2.4L petrol engine, with 4WD for better grip and control. The battery can be fast-charged in 25 minutes and is protected by an 8 year warranty.


Incredible efficiency

In normal driving conditions, you can achieve 1.9L per 100km efficiency. Select pure EV mode and enjoy up to 55km range and no emissions. You can easily recharge overnight, just set the time on the smart phone app.


Stay connected

As a family SUV, Outlander PHEV keeps everyone comfortable, and connected via the Smartphone Link Display Audio. There’s ample storage and luggage space, plus heated leather seats on VRX, for a touch of luxury.

4WD & Range

Outlander PHEV takes you further than you might think…

Charging & Efficiency

Re-think the SUV. Outlander PHEV comes with next-generation plug-in hybrid electric technology.

5-Star Safety

Discover why Outlander PHEV is awarded a 5-star safety rating.

Safety for everyone

Safety Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Safety Forward Collision Mitigation

Safety Blind Spot Warning

Safety Adaptive Cruise Control

Rear Cross Traffic Alert helps detect a moving vehicle when reversing. It alerts you with a buzzer, an indicator light in the combination meter and a blinking light in the door mirror. 4WD XLS and VRX models.

If the vehicle ahead slows but you haven't braked, your vehicle will brake autonomously, stopping you if necessary. 2WD and 4WD XLS, and VRX models.

Ultrasonic sensors monitor your blind spots. If a vehicle approaches, a warning appears on the door mirror on that side. 4WD XLS and VRX models.

Radar automatically matches your cruise control speed to the vehicle ahead by adjusting the brakes or accelerator. 4WD XLS and VRX models.


Explore the Plug-In Hybrid range


Outlander Phev
  • 2 Electric Motors Plus 2.4L Petrol Engine
  • EV Remote Control System
  • Blind Spot Warning


Outlander Phev
  • Leather-Appointed Seats
  • Power Tailgate
  • Electric Sunroof

Frequently asked questions

Can I jump start my Outlander PHEV?

The Outlander PHEV system uses the 12 volt auxiliary battery to initiate the drive system and bring it to READY. If the 12 volt battery is flat, the vehicle, in effect, will not start. Access to the Jumper Terminal is located under the bonnet in the main fuse block. Always call Mitsubishi Roadside Assist for assistance if you need to jump start your Outlander PHEV.

What warranty does Outlander PHEV have?

Outlander PHEV comes with a 5 year/100,00km comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty plus 5 years premium road side assistance.

You’ll also receive an eight year warranty specific to the drive battery, which is very reassuring for one of the vehicle’s main components. Please note that this is only for 2017 Model Year and onwards. For more information consult your vehicle handbook or talk to a MMNZ representative or dealer.

Where can I download the PHEV Quick Guide?

The Quick Guide can be downloaded here

Will I need to replace the PHEV's Drive Battery Pack?

The battery is not a service item which is expected to need replacement during the vehicle's life and replacement is not included in your PHEV's maintenance schedule. There will be some natural degradation of the Lithium-ion battery chemistry over the life of the vehicle which will lead to a reduction in the pure EV range of your PHEV. The capacity of Lithium-ion batteries generally decreases over time due to a range of factors including, but not limited to: operating environment, temperature, storage, charging frequency and/or equipment used, and battery usage. This decrease is an inherent characteristic of Lithium-ion batteries, and is not due to failure or a manufacturing defects. The decrease in battery capacity has no impact on the performance of your vehicle other than reducing its maximum cruising range by battery.

Outlander Phev
Outlander Phev

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